Process & Maintain Workplace Information

BSBINM201 Process and maintain workplace information


Learner Instructions 1

(Collect and process information)

Submission details

Students Name  
Student ID  
Assessor’s Name  
Assessment Date/s  

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You must be able to collect and process verbal and written communication, complying with organisational policies and procedures.

Assessment description

In a typical office environment, you will need to collect and process information. This commonly requires you to perform multiple tasks. In this assessment, you will be acting the role of an administrative worker. Your role will require you to answer the telephone, greet customers and process the post and email.

All tasks must be completed according to the policies and procedures of the organisation. You will be given time in advance to learn the policies and procedures before the assessment commences.

Tasks the candidate will need to perform include:

· answer telephone

· sort and respond to email

· sort and forward postal mail.

You will also be asked to write brief answers to a short-answer test.


1. Review the scenario below.

You are employed as an administrative worker at Innovative Widgets. Your role is to monitor incoming calls and mail. Innovative Widgets is currently looking for a new bookkeeper and the Manager is receiving applications over the phone, on email and in person.

You must collect the required information and process it according to the policies and procedures of Innovative Widgets.

2. You will be provided with time to review and learn the policy and procedures for Innovative Widgets, attached to this task (and in the Appendices of your Student Workbook), which include:

a. Innovative Widgets organisational chart and contact list

b. telephone policy and procedure

c. postal mail policy and procedure

d. email policy and procedure.

3. Finally, you must assume the role of administrative worker, you must come to your assessment prepared to collect and process information from phone calls, emails and postal mail. When your assessor tells you, the task will begin and you must:

a. check postal mail and email and follow procedure

b. respond to phone calls.

Note: No one is available at Innovative Widgets today. So when you try their extension, you’ll get no answer. You’ll need to take messages.

Also note: All emails sent as part of this task will go to your assessor. Your assessor will provide this before you start. For example, even though you are emailing a message to the Manager of Innovative Widgets, the actual email address will be your assessor’s.


You must:

· participate in the activity on the date and time specified by your assessor

· come to class prepared for work on the day of the activity:

· dressed appropriately

· prepared with mobile phone, pens and notepad

· bringing procedures and charts (see below)

· sort postal mail correctly

· forward emails correctly

· send phone messages.

Your assessor will be looking for:

· compliance with all relevant policy and procedures

· accurate collection of information

· ability to handle more than one task at one time

· completion of processing of information within given timeframe.


Candidate: I declare that this work has been completed by me honestly and with integrity and that I have been assessed in a fair and flexible manner. I understand that the Institute’s Student Assessment, Reassessment and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines apply to these assessment tasks.  

Signature: ___________________


Date: ____/_____/_____


Appendix 1: Innovative Widgets organisational chart and contact list



Innovative Widgets organisational chart


Name/Title Ext. Mobile Status
Bob Jenkins – Manager x1111 0411 111 111  
Sid Gilmour – Accountant x2222 0422 222 222  
David Barrett – Human Resources x3333 0433 333 333  
Nick Waters – Sales x4444 0444 444 444  


· In – in and can be contacted

· DND – Do Not Disturb, in a meeting

· Off-site –working but at another location (available on mobile)

Appendix 2: Telephone policy and procedure


Innovative Widgets receive calls from many of our customers and colleagues. We take pride in ensuring that every interaction with Innovative Widgets is professional, courteous and helpful.

Good telephone manner and message-taking procedures are essential for ensuring that our customers receive the service that they deserve.

It is the responsibility of all employees at Innovative Widgets to follow the telephone policy and procedure.


Calls to the general telephone number will be answered by reception and transferred to the relevant extension as necessary.

1. Answer the phone before the third ring, and greet the caller:

Innovative Widgets good morning/afternoon.

May I help you?

2. If they need to be transferred to someone:

(Repeat the name of the person wanted.) One moment please.

If the extension is busy:

(Name’s) extension is busy at the moment. Would you like to hold or may I take a message?

If the person is unavailable:

(Name) is not available at the moment. May I take a message?

If the person is off-site:

(Name) is not on-site at the moment but they are available on their mobile phone, would you like that number?

3. When taking messages, record:

a. who do they want to speak to

b. full name of caller

c. date and time of call

d. contact number

e. other information as specified by the caller.

4. Confirm the details back to the caller, by reading their responses.

5. Ask the customer if there is anything else that you can help them with:

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

6. End the call:

Thank you for calling. Goodbye.

7. Send an email to the person in question:

Subject: Message from <Name of caller>, <Date> <Time>

Hi <Name>

Please call <Name of caller> <Phone Number>.

<Include other information as specified>


<Your name>



Appendix 3: Knowledge questions on information management

1. Explain in your own words how legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice might affect information management:

a. Legislation: (e.g. Privacy legislation)







b. Regulations:







c. Standards: (e.g. ISO 9001 Quality management, or ISO 19600 Compliance management)







d. Codes of Practice








2. Describe in your own words, and give examples, a range of filing systems:

a. Paper-based:








b. Software-based:







Appendix 4: Postal mail policy and procedure


In order for mail to reach the correct person in a timely manner, it is essential that postal mail sorting and forwarding procedures are followed.

Procedure (postal mail)

1. Check the mailbox daily at 10 am.

2. Open all mail

3. Sort mail into in-trays by:

a. manager

b. sales

c. accounting/purchasing

d. human resources

e. customer service (customer complaints)

f. to be filed (includes newsletters, pricelists and product information).

4. Confidential information must be delivered directly to the person specified.

5. High priority items must be marked ‘urgent’ and be delivered directly to the person/department in question.


Appendix 5: Email policy and procedure


Innovative Widgets has a general contact email address:

In order for email to reach the correct person in a timely manner, it is essential that email sorting and forwarding procedures are followed.

Procedure (email)

1. Check email three times daily.

2. Read all mail.

3. Forward email to:

a. manager

b. sales

c. accounting/purchasing

d. human resources.

4. When you forward the email, identify the appropriate person’s name from the contact list, and provide some explanation of the email.

Dear <Recipient>,

Please find attached <summary of message>.


<Your name>

5. High priority items must be marked ‘urgent’ and be delivered directly to the person/department in question.




BSBINM201 Learner Instructions 1

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