Professional Product

·        Develop a professional product to improve care or the patient experience related to Hypertension management and prevention with a 3-4 page summary of intervention findings, evidence, and best-practice basis for the professional product. This will be delivered remotely rather than face-to-face to the individual or group (who can be friends and family) that you have identified.

·        Appropriate examples include development of a community education program focused on a particular health issue or a handout to help the elderly and their families understand their Medicare and Medicaid options. The product must be useful in a practice setting, relevant to your project, and designed to improve some aspect of care or the patient experience

Relevant products include but are not limited to:

·        Patient education handout (such as a medication sheet).

·        Patient safety plan.

·        Process improvement in-service.

·        Medicaid/Medicare patient coverage and finance guide.

·        Teaching plan.

Your submission will consist of two parts: an APA-formatted paper providing your rationale and supporting evidence, and the professional product.

For the brief APA-style paper, one organizational option is:

·        Summary of intervention and implementation:

o   What did you do?

o   How did you lead in terms of the processes used in the project?

o   With what participants?

o   Who were your interprofessional collaborators?

o   How did you lead them in this project?

o   What were your key findings?

·        Evidence-based rationale for professional product development:

o   What professional product did you develop?

o   Why did you choose this type of product?

o   How does it align with your intervention?

o   How will the product help improve outcomes?

o   How will the product enhance the patient experience?

o   How does the product improve a process related to quality, safety, and/or cost of care?

o   How do relevant research, evidence, and best practices support your choice of professional product and approach?

·        Explain ways in which leadership of people and processes was utilized while designing an intervention and implementation plan.

·        Demonstrate process improvements in the quality, safety, or cost of care as a result of a direct clinical intervention and a developed professional product.

·        Demonstrate patient-experience improvements resulting from a clinical intervention and implementation of a newly developed professional product.

·        Justify decisions related to developing a professional product with relevant research, evidence, and best practices.

·        Communicate professionally in writing that is clear and logically organized, with correct grammar, spelling, and use of APA style.

Additional Requirements

·        Length of submission: APA-style paper should be 3-4 pages of content plus title and reference pages. There is no length requirement for your professional product. The type of deliverable you choose will determine its length and format.

·        Number of references: Cite a minimum of 5 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your decisions and rationale in your APA-style paper. Resources should be no more than 5 years old.

·        APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style. Use appropriate APA citations (in-text and reference list) in the paper and professional product.


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