Project Management : Opening A RestaurantProject Management : Opening A Restaurant

Project Schedule: Develop a project schedule based on project activities from the WBS.

Please do a project schedule . I will attach the WBS that needs to be used in reference . Show references if any others .

Use dates : you can extend the project completion date if necessary

Project Start Date:September 27th , 2020

Project Completion Date: January 20th, 2021






Work Breakdown Structure














Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) is essential as complex project processes are classified into simpler activities. According to General Knowledge (2019), WBS is “a process of subdividing the project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components” (1). Additionally, the WBS helps the project manager determine the needed work to make the project successful (Harned, 2019) successfully. After determining the derivable, it will be easier to identify the specific tasks and activities.

The WBS incorporates different aspects, mainly the project scope. The project scope’s main elements that interact with each other through a WBS include project initiation, scope planning, scope definition, scope verification, and change control. Khan (2006) argues that a detailed WBS translates to various levels in the hierarchy. Therefore, the Caribbean restaurant project WBS can have different stages depending on the variables and the tasks.

Caribbean restaurant WBS will be deliverable oriented. This type of WBS is effective and organized, hence easier to track processes to eliminate unnecessary activities and expenses. The main deliverables include construction, installation, resource management, advertisement and marketing, materials, developing the menu, licenses, contracts, necessary equipment, and closing.

Caribbean Restaurant work breakdown structure.

WBS Code Deliverable Name Definition
1 Project Planning and Analysis Includes identification of main elements of the project and execution steps
1.1 Project charter and scope Entails the project’s name, description, objectives, budget, milestones,
1.2 Location Deciding the appropriate venue
1.3 Budget Shows how different phases have been allocated funds
1.4 Management of Resources Supervising and controlling of resources such as employees and other assets
1.5 Application of Licenses License to operate a restaurant, environmental regulations, and public health permits
1.6 Contracts Agreement with different service providers

Contracting different service providers

1.6.1 Interior designer Agreement with interior designer in terms of the general appearance of the restaurant
1.6.2 Furniture dealer contract Indoor and outdoor furniture designs agreement
1.6.3 Food suppliers contracts Agreeing with individuals or firms supplying fresh food to restaurants
2. Construction Describes the various construction phases
2.1 Indoor and outdoor dining area Constructing the restaurant according to the Caribbean and Asian design
2.2 Kitchen Designing cooking area and spaces for appliances/equipment used in the kitchen
2.3 Storage room For storing fresh supplies and foods
2.4 Washroom Cloakrooms for ladies, gentlemen, and individuals with disabilities
2.5 Reception/ cashier section The area will be designed at the entrance
2.6 Windows, doors, emergency exit These will be installed for ventilation, entry, and exit, and emergency escape, respectively
2.7 Garbage point Spaces for food wastes
2.8 Electricity Providing power for lighting, cooking, and to operate appliances/equipment
2.9 Plumbing Pipes for water supply
2.10 Air conditioning For air circulation purposes
2.11 Flooring Installing anti-slippery floors for safety reasons
2.12 Parking Providing space for automobiles and bikes
3.0 Installations Involves the fitting of appliances
3.1 Kitchen appliances Installing kitchen appliances
3.2 Fire extinguishers For safety in case of fire accidents
3.3 Wi-Fi Customers can browse or Skype while enjoying their meal
3.4 Surveillance Cameras For security reasons
4.0 Software Development Software to enhance convenience and marketing reasons
4.1 Website For communication and restaurant information
4.2 Restaurant mobile application For convenience such as payment of bills, general updates
5.0 Resources Resources for effective and efficient operations
5.1 Delivery Van For easy delivery of ordered food
5.2 Ingredients and Spices For cooking different Asian and Caribbean cuisines
5.3 Cutlery and Dishes For serving and cooking purposes
6.0 Human Resources The main activities in this phase include recruiting and training employees
6.1 Staff recruitment The employees include managers, chefs, waiters, security officers, cleaners, receptionists, and drivers
6.2 Staff training Training every employee to conduct their duties professionally
6.2.1 Cuisine Ensuring that the Asian menu and related cuisine will be prepared
6.2.2 Training materials Use of different training manuals including online materials including rules
7.0 Advertisement and Marketing Notifying customers about the restaurant
7.1 Flyers Flyers will be printed and distributed
7.2 Newspapers and Magazines Advertising the restaurant opening details in the dailies
7.3 Social media The use of the internet and social media platforms for wider information coverage and feedbacks
7.4 Offering meal perks and offers The main objective is to attract customers
8.0 Closing Finalizing the project
8.1 Inspection To ensure everything is in order
8.2 Cleaning Making the restaurant clean and presentable
8.3 Presenting the restaurant to sponsors Showing the sponsors the restaurant
8.4 Opening ceremony Celebrating the launch of the restaurant with the invited quests














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2. Harned, B. (2019). What Is a Work Breakdown Structure? Teamgantt

3. Khan, A. (2006). Project Scope Management. Cost Engineering, 48(6).

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