Psychology Discussion

Thinking specifically about media influence, identify the characteristics of individuals likely to serve as role models through media exposure to the general public. Be specific about the learning situation and exposure, identifying characteristics or situations that make it more likely specific individuals will become role models.

Be sure to consider and answer the following questions:

Why are particular individuals more likely to become role models?

What characterizes the relationship between the learner and the role model?

Using principles of learning discussed in this class, how would you explain role modeling behaviors?

What role does gender, race, and/or ethnicity play in role modeling?

Now consider the research on violent video games and exposure to violent television.

Does the evidence support the hypothesis that violence in the media creates aggressive behavior?

Giuliano, T. A., Knight, J. L., Turner, K. L., & Lundquist, J.C. (2007). Gender and the selection of public athletic role models. Journal of Sport Behavior, 30, 161–198.

-Minimum 200 words

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