psychology question 270


1 video:

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A. Answer the questions listed below:

1. Was it ethical to conduct this study? Was it right to trade the suffering experienced by the prisoners for the knowledge learned from the experiment?

2. In the video, there were 4 different suggested explanations for the guards behavior. Choose the ONE you agree with and explain why? Gives examples if possible.

1. When people feel anonymous and have control over depersonalized others, they can easily become evil.

2. Relying on the notion that when people feel anonymous and have control over depersonalized others, that they easily become evil is just a way to shirk personal culpability and to put all the blame on the situation.

3. Regular people , because of the situation, become evil.

4. When you tell good people to be cruel with authority, they will do it if it is said the behavior is for the greater good.

3. Comment on the post of at least 1 fellow classmate.

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