python coding 8

I have this coding assignment that I need help with. This is a intro class, so the coding should not be complex. Make it as baisic as you can.

Go to Select a free ebook and download the plain text file (utf8).

Write a program that does the following:

  • Read in your ebook (any book, any language)
  • Break the book into word
  • Make a dictionary of all words and how often they occur: for instance if the word ‘the’ happened 2000 time and the word ‘a’ happened 1940 times word_dict= {‘the’ : 2000, ‘a’ :1940}
  • Print the dictionary of word frequencies to a file (freqs.txt) with the most frequent at the top and least frequent at the bottom

Turn in your python code, your freqs.txt file, and a copy of your ebook(the input file)


to sort by value

import operator sorted_dict = sorted(my_dict.items(), key=operator.itemgetter(1))

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