qep essay on break dancing

1) What, where, and when did you view this art? (Students must view their selection

somewhere in the time element of this course.) What is this work? (Define what the

work is such as an oil painting or a full-length narrative film.) What is the content of

this work? (Give a brief synopsis only.)

(2) Who is the author/artist (Research this artist and discuss his/her background. Make

sure to document your use of sources using MLA style.) What historical or societal

conditions and situations are influencing or motivating the artist? Are these evident in

this particular work? If so, how and where, and if not, why not?

(3) What is the author trying to communicate in this work? (Decide what this artist is

trying to communicate; then, discuss how this author uses the elements and other

components to make a point. Also, discuss if you have uncovered any research that

supports or disagrees with what you feel the author is trying to communicate.)

(4) Does this work have merit? Did this author accomplish his/her intent? Does this

work make you think differently? Is it worthy of your recommendations? Does it

offer entertainment and/or messages that are relevant to this and future generations?

What does this work communicate to you directly? How did reflection and research

on this work alter you and how you see the world?

(3) At least 6 pages. This essay should be written in MLA style. It should contain an

introduction and a conclusion, and employ proper grammar,

punctuation, and syntax. Minimum of TWO properly documented resources.

Please see attachments below:

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