quantitative amp qualitative managerial decision making best practices

use quantitative and qualitative elements to determine why businesses should outsource certain operations to enable them to focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing has become a method for companies to quickly change their cost structures. Even fixed costs can become variable. Depending on the types of relevant costs, a firm must decide between outsourcing and “do it yourself.”

Read the following Harvard Business case study and pay attention to the qualitative and quantitative elements discussed in the case. Use these elements to determine why a business should outsource operations. Consider relevant current events in your analysis. Then address reasons why this company might not want to outsource.

Baxendale, S.J. (2004). Outsourcing opportunities for small businesses: A quantitative analysis. Harvard Business Case Study. Retrieved from https://hbsp.harvard.edu/tu/63b08800


Reason Businesses Outsource

qualitative elements

quantitative elements

Outsourcing Operations

Analysis of Current Events


Be four to six pages in length, 12pt double spaced with four to six scholarly or peer-reviewed articles that must be referenced within the paper.

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