Question 2 Severus Snape decided to open up a potion store with Bellatrix Lestrange called Potent Elixirs. What made the shop such a success was Severus’ newly formulated Confidence Booster. It was a secret concoction of different ingredients that, once combined, created a serum that could make the shyest of individuals feel like they could climb Mt. Everest. Severus toiled months to perfect the recipe, while Bellatrix slacked off. Snape was tired of her laziness and told her she had to leave. Bellatrix wanted revenge so she stole the secret formula from Snape’s safe and started selling it under the name of Confidence Boost. Bellatrix was better connected than Snape and her sales skyrocketed. Luckily for Snape, he had Bellatrix sign a confidentiality agreement when they first opened the store promising to keep all formulas and potion recipes secret. To take his mind off of Bellatrix’s betrayal, he started to express his feelings through art. He took parts of some of the most famous paintings in the world, like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Van Gough’s The Starry Night, and photo shopped pictures of famous wizards into the sceneries. He would then sell the repurposed art in his shop. Snape contacts you as his lawyer wanting to know what recourse he has against Bellatrix and if his new art-line is allowed under Intellectual Property law. Provide legal justification for your answer.

As it is already said that Severus And Bellatrix Lestrange were having a contract signed to keep everything & every formula secret Though Bellatrix betrayed and stole the formula. So Sevrus could file compalint against her and would sue her in the court under section 420 and also could sue her for theft and opening a new firm using his formula of potion making.

As artistic works like music and literature, as well as some discoveries, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, and designs can all be protected as intellectual property, so the new art line work of Severus Snape can be covered under intellectual property law.

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