Question: Fix 4 Less is a company for cellphone repair. The business offers variety of services such as refurbishing the screens, selling the parts online (amazon, eBay and bonanza), retail store for walk in customers and mobile repair services for those who don’t have time to leave their homes or works. Business would like to add one more service which is selling the parts wholesale to other retail stores in the same market. After everything is settled business is planning to sell franchise nationwide. How important is your pricing strategy when entering a market? What is your pricing strategy and how did you come to that decision? At least 350 words thank you!

good question, it is the reality. Modern people do not have time to perform some activities, particularly which are small in nature but important.

In this case mobile repairs or mobile bootups, updates etc, are the small works which may not tike much time and much cost. But people who engaged in more activities like home activities, office works, may not have time to get repaired. For this, we have started a service center, where the customer can send a request by adressing their querry. once we receive the requiest, we will revert a message that what is the cost of the service, what is the right time to get it service. Once they accepts for this and reverts it, we send an executive to complete it. Our executive will visit the place and collects the mobile, bring it to the service center and get the total works done. some of the small and little repairs will be done at the customer place itself, the executive carries the minimum instruments to get it repaired, because the problem is knowned earlier only.

when it comes to pricing strategy, definitely pricing place a major role, particularly in service oriented process. Here, we fix charges for service on uniform manner, and there is no chance for negotiation. we do not charge fee on the basis of customer, but on the basis of repair or work. For us, quality of service is more important than variations in price.

We may proceed the service center functinging like this, and hope we will succeed.

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