The Beneficiary will be responsible for:
 Primary responsibilities include Installation and configuration of multiple instances of
ITIM, Web Sphere, LDAP – IBM Directory Server and IDI.
 Design, implement, and support various Identity and Access Management (IAM)
 Conduct in depth technical IAM research, assessments and performance analysis to
support and design technical automated IAM strategies.
 Lead scalability and performance planning for future IAM needs.
 Review and adjust existing IAM processes (provisioning, de-provisioning, re-
certifications, etc..) to ensure that they are aligned with industry best practices.
 Provide guidance and support for management of non-human accounts.
 Lead technical project execution to identify and close gaps between proposed and
implemented designs.
 Worked on IBM Security Directory Integrator (ISDI).

 Technical Requirement Gathering: was responsible for gathering the user provisioning
requirement for all the endpoints of ITIM Selection, installation and configuration of
Endpoint Agents for ITIM.
 Integrate IBM WebSphere portal, IBM Directory Server, Tivoli access manager,
SEAL, IBM WebSphere.

 Used Global Service Manager, which is a ticketing system to resolve several service
requests, Incidents and activities and provided 24/7 service to resolve the issues.


 Developed a plan to install the IBM TAM components policy server, authorization
server, and user registry on the IBM xSeries servers.
 Involved with IFIM team to implement federations via SAML, OAuth, and WS-FED
utilizing Federated Identity Manager
 Worked on IBM Security Governance and Intelligence (ISIGI).

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