Radiant wants to hire planes to transport three types of goods- A, B, and C. They contacted VIP Transportation Company to hire Cargo planes. VIP informed that they can provide two types of Cargo Planes. In addition they provided the following Weight related information about the two types Cargo planes- WT88 and BH54: WT88 Can carry BH54can car Goods A 20 tons 25 tons Goods B 10 tons 20 tons Goods C 20 tons 15 tons Radiant has to transport 100 tons of Goods A, 100 tons of Goods B, and 100 tons of Goods C. VIP charges $2000 for each WT88 and $3000 for BH54. Under the above circumstances, find out the following: (a) What will be the minimum cost to transfer the required goods? (b) How many of WT88 and BH54 Radiant should hire? https://d2vlcm61l7u1fs.cloudfront.net/media%2Fc8c%2Fc8c91f6b-0e62-4abb-b276-a85b786c2dc5%2Fimage

(a) Minimum cost to transfer the required goods is determined by LP model as follows



D2 =SUMPRODUCT(B2:C2,$B$8:$C$8) copy to D2:D4, D6

Minimum cost = $ 16000


Number of WT88 to hire = 2

Number of BH54 to hire = 4

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