RAW Material Assessment

Assignment 1: Raw Materials Assessment


As explained in the PDF reading “Start the Marketing Yourself Process by Assessing Your Raw

Materials,” a thorough assessment of your personal raw materials will be necessary for you to begin

the marketing yourself process.


For this assignment, you will need to conduct an evaluation of your own personal raw materials

with respect to the following six categories (each of which was explained in the assigned reading

and videos):

1. Strengths (or what you’re already good at) 2. Potential Strengths (or what you think you could possibly be good at with practice) 3. Faults or Bad Habits 4. Interests, Desires, Passions (or what motivates you) 5. Your “Personality” 6. Core Values (or what’s important to you)


After conducting your self-assessment, write up your results using the following guide:


1. Cover Page: Name, Panther ID, Major, Minor, Certificate(s), Assignment Title

2. Introduction: Discuss the purpose for your raw materials self-assessment.

3. Raw Materials: For each of the six categories, please explain the following (you must have at least one paragraph for each of these three parts for each one of the six categories):

a. How did you conduct your self-assessment for that particular raw materials category? Use at least one online assessment for the Strengths category and at least

one online assessment for the Personality category. You may use other online

assessments for other categories if you wish. For all categories, you should seek the

feedback of your family, friends, co-workers, supervisors, and/or employees, etc. in

order to gain knowledge from a different perspective. Explain why you used the

various assessments and/or sources that you used.

b. What are your resulting findings? In other words, what are your strengths? …your potential strengths? …your faults or bad habits? Etc. Be sure to describe each trait

or aspect (just listing a few adjectives is definitely not “A” or “B” work). Be specific

and detailed in describing your findings.

c. What insights about yourself did you learn from the self-assessment for each particular raw materials category? What was expected and what was unexpected?

Why? How did you feel about the insights of the other people you consulted? Are

you coming across as having different raw materials than you think you possess?

Are you portraying your raw materials as you desire? Also, what do you think about

any discrepancies between the feedback that you received from other people and

from the online tools?


4. Synthesis and Summary: Provide (a) an overall summary of your raw materials and then (b) (this is very important) synthesize the results for all of the categories. Consider the

balance between the positives and the negatives. Consider how certain traits or attributes

might complement or might compete with others. Consider whether certain traits (either

initially seen as positive or negative) might coincide with or perhaps might conflict with



your discovery of your core values. Speculate on how the synergies or lack of synergies

between particular raw materials categories might help and/or hurt your abilities to develop

your personal/professional brand and market yourself. This synthesis and summary section

is a critical element in tying all of your assessment work together, and will help you drive

your “marketing yourself” plans as you move forward. Be sure to put significant effort into

this section.


Submit the final assignment as a PDF file with Times New Roman 12-point font, single-spaced

(with spacing between sections and/or paragraphs as desired), appropriate headings and

subheadings for each section, and page numbering.


Grading Criteria:

 Directions were followed (including formatting)

 The use of online assessments as instructed

 The use of other people’s feedback as instructed

 Thoroughness in the self-evaluation of each category

 A sensible and comprehensive synthesis and summary

 Charts, graphs, figures, and/or bullet points are used appropriately

 Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

 Proper formatting, appropriate page length to complete the assignment

 No plagiarism, copying, or cheating

 Note that “A” grades are for “outstanding” work, not for work that only meets minimum requirements.

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