read case study facebook position itself to stay relevant and answer three questions about it

I sent you pictures as an attachment to read the case

Please Read Case study Facebook Positions Itself to Stay Relevant – and answer questions 9-3 to 9-5

9-3 For Facebook’s managers, is acquiring a business such as Instagram a strategic management issue? Explain.

9-4 Give three factors in Facebook’s internal environment that managers should be in determining the company’s organizational direction. Why are these factors important?

9-5 Using the business portfolio matrix, categorize Facebook’s recently acquired Instagram unit as a dog, question mark, star, or cash cow. From a strategic planning viewpoint, what do you recommend Facebook managers do with Instagram, given this categorization? Why?

your submission should be about one and half page in word document

Do the following to ensure greater comprehension – (1) Preview and read the case. (2) Identify the problem (3) Determine the variables that are inclusive within the problem (4) Identify potential constraints and overall organization objectives (5) Differentiate the assumptions and develop a qualitative or quantitative technique that can be used to develop a solution (6) Analyze and critique the solution (7) Determine the most appropriate course of action, and formulate a plan for sustaining this action.

You will be expected to write a detailed explanation to the questions that you will be presented with. Students should be able to develop creative and insightful responses that can be eventually developed into purposeful solutions.

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