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Managing information through document design is a critical step for many professional documents. Design is more than just contributing to the visual aesthetics of a document–though visually appealing is certainly an important goal of document design. But good design also includes how information is presented (e.g. each section follows a repeated visually distinct feature).

But document design can also be a part of the writing process that gets overlooked, as writers tend to focus entirely on content. “Today” our textbook tells us, “readers expect proposals to be visually interesting and engaging. They expect proposals to make a positive first impression” (182).

Read “Chapter 10: Designing Proposals” in Writing Proposals, which provides 4 principles of design. Then, watch this video:

The video presents the principles in, perhaps, a more memorable way of thinking about document design than our textbook. Each source, though, focuses on the same design elements. In your response, list and discuss your takeaways from the chapter and video. In what ways have you noticed document design being important in your profession? How will you consider the principles of design as you draft your proposal and flyer?

I will upload the pictures about the textbook. thanks

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