Reflect on the reasons you chose to enter the counseling profession

The student will reflect on the reasons he/she chose to enter the counseling profession, issues that may prove to be challenging for him/her and what setting, population, and specialty he/she hopes to work in once they enter the field. Length: 5-7 pages, APA Style (including Abstract page) is required. Assignment must be submitted via hard copy on the date it is due.

Personal Reflection Paper Questions

Length of Paper: 5-7 pages, APA Style Required (including Abstract page).

Please include the following questions in your personal reflection paper. You can either incorporate them into the body of the paper, or answer them in chronological order.

1. What characteristics of a self-actualizing person present the greatest challenge to you personally?

2. How are you determining whether to become a generalist or a specialist? What issues cause you the most difficulty in making this decision?

3. Are there any parts of the ACA code of ethics with which you cannot agree? Are there any areas, which you do not understand?

4. How is a person supposed to be able to focus on the client, attend to the counseling process and do a good job as a counselor? Which of these do you believe would cause you the most difficulty? What would you have to do to develop these particular skills?

5. Which of the current trends in the field of counseling excite you? Which concern you and why? How will these trends affect your future?

6. Should counselors adopt an existing theory, develop their own theories or counsel without regard to theory?

7. How do you think a counselor can best help another person? What should be the counselor’s main goal in helping someone? Which theoretical approach most closely matches your point of view?

8. Consider the adage, “You cannot help a person beyond where you are.” In light of your awareness of your development, where do you see yourself being the most help?

9. Are you approaching counseling as an art or a science? What is the implication of your answer for counseling research? Would your bias, whatever it is, affect your approach as you read about and conduct research?

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