reflection 1 the arcs

This the first of about several ‘reflections.’ These are less formal, briefer writings.

How I will grade these: The reflections earning A grades will be those which stay within the requested length (250 to 300 words), show a clear statement of opinion, and elaborate on that opinion while illustrating it by mentioning a few key details from the topic piece. These do not need to be perfectly proofed, but they will be free enough from errors to communicate clearly. To earn five extra points, respond very briefly to at least three of your classmates. Don’t everyone respond to the same three, please, especially not the first three you come to, but mainly, just choose interesting postings to respond to.

The topic for this week’s reflection is a music video, found on NPR, National Public Radio. Here below is a copy/paste of a description of the performing group, taken from the link (which itself is found further below). The performers are eclectic, to say the least. Personally, I love the collaboration with the mariachi group. The video is one of many installments (the 500th, actually) in what NPR calls its “Tiny Desk Concerts,” fairly casual live performances which are actually done and recorded in somebody’s office, as you will see:

“This Tiny Desk Concert with The Arcs is a perfect intersection of the known and the unknown. The band is headed by Dan Auerbach, whom we know from The Black Keys. It’s also fronted by Richard Swift, one of the best modern producers of intriguing pop music; he can be found on drums in The Arcs alongside a contemporary R&B drumming legend in Homer Steinweiss, known for his work in The Dap-Kings and with Amy Winehouse. It’s a bundle of talent that also includes the Mariachi band Flor de Toloache, which provides backing vocals and plays violin, trumpet and guitar. The songs from The Arcs’ album Yours, Dreamily provide a finely crafted blend of soul and pop, with enough playfulness to keep it fun, not perfect.”

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