Reflection must address at least three (3) of the following topics:

Students will provide at least two (2) page single-spaced with 1 inch margins and Times Roman font of 12 pts.
Submissions not meeting the minimum page requirements will be awarded a grade of 0. Please ensure the minimum page requirement is met.
Reflection must address at least three (3) of the following topics:
Learning moments or activates from this course
Thoughts on evidence-based practice
Evidence supporting Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring
Ethics in research
Protecting subjects in quality improvement or evidence-based practice projects
Understanding or comfort level with statistics in nursing and other research reports.
Opinions or thoughts on MSN graduates’ role in nursing research
Creating and sustaining an Evidence-Based nursing environment
Asking compelling, clinical questions
Hints and lessons learned on searching the literature
Barriers and facilitators to implementing evidence into practice

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