Reflection Paper For My Capstone profile

I need 2 and half or 3 pages reflection paper in APA format for my Capstone with resource page, it should cover this information:

in 5th week of doing my Capstone as a school nurse, i faced lots of new cases. 2 8th girls came to nursing office accompanied with their teacher because of ‘girls fight’.they pulled each other hair and slaped, bited each other! they reffered to administer, their parents informed, and got detention with possible suspended of school for 3 days.Also one teacher collapsed in her classroom, immediatly the nurse and i went and assessed her,following assessment her condition got worst and she stated of getting blurry vision, which we prefer call the pre-med to come and take her to hospital for more assessment. during this wek i got oppurtunity to inject insulin to student few times( normally they do for themselves). Another case was that autistic girl came to nursing office with chewing gum stuck in her long hair. I washed that portion of her hair with warm water and comb it to get the gum out of her hair. My preceptor especially thanked me for that intervention, since it looked so messy in her hair and she said during 12 years of being school nurse never i saw such a thing. one positive thing that i learned was how the school nurse can be advocate for the students parents, they frequently call and ask their questions regarding health issues. it caused me to try my best to always be up to date and keep myself fresh by continuous learning. one negative effect was that i witnessed was that few student has chronic issues with hair lice and clearly their parent don’t care about treating them and frequently they forced to be out of the class to not spread it to others which is causes they learning procces intruppted. I talked to social worker and asked for taking serious step, this 5-7 years old girls definitely mistreated at home and need intervention.

Again it was really intereting week in a matter of learning and at this point i am almost confident that i am able to handle this job well and looking for more experiences in 2 more weeks left. Only thing i can say with 100% confident that i truly will miss this school and students.

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