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In this assignment, you will conduct research on your field of study in order to become more aware of its professional organizations, the professional contacts available, and employment opportunities. You will write a short paper summarizing your findings. The work you complete on this assignment will provide information to you for the final assignment in the class—the cover letter and resume.


The professional organization I would like for you to use is some type of Financial Organization or Investment Banking type organization. 



Steps to Take in Completing this Assignment:

1. Locate at least one professional organization in the field or profession that you plan to pursue. One way to locate an organization of this nature is to conduct an advanced search on Google. For example, the following screen capture shows a student searching for professional organizations in cybersecurity.

2. Find out what annual or regularly scheduled conferences the organization coordinates. For example, in the field of cybersecurity, the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy sponsors the following conference:

3. For the conference you found, access the Call for Papers section. In this section, you will probably find a list of 20-30 topics on which the organization is accepting papers for presentations. Select three topics of interest to you.

4. Locate the list of workshops or speakers from a conference held in the previous year. Peruse any documentation you find on at least two workshops, plenary talks, roundtables, or other meetings. Most conferences will post a preview of what the talk will cover, a review of what the talk discussed, or other documentation of this nature.

5. Write two to three paragraphs in which you complete the following:

a. introduce the reader to the organization and conference

b. summarize what topics in the Call for Papers list that interested you and why you were interested in them

c. describe what main talks interested you and why you were interested in them.

d. describe other new information you learned about your field of study and about this organization from this search.

e. cite your sources with the websites you found that provided this information for you. Use APA documentation style when citing your sources. When writing your paragraphs, apply the skills you have learned from previous writing courses. Write a topic sentence at the beginning and support your topic sentence with major and minor details.


Length: Your paper should be 700-1000 words in length.

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