request for system services 1

The first step in analyzing and designing a system for a client is to gather specific details about the client’s business, including the company’s products or services and its stakeholder champions and users. One way to capture these details is through a form such as a Request for System Services. For this course project assignment, you will use such a form to gather details about the fictitious business you will be working with throughout the course.

To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Select an IT project idea that you are interested in developing. For example, your project may involve a new system for a restaurant that includes online ordering, or a new system for a manufacturing company that includes the whole process from raw materials to sales. You could also use an idea of a system that you thought would work well in a place you have worked before.
  2. Research the different models of the systems development life cycle. Be prepared to identify which one will work best for your specific project and explain the rationale behind your choice in the next step of this assignment.
  3. Download and complete the Request for Systems Services form below:

    Request for Systems Services Form

Be sure to list the resources you used in your research at the end of the form, formatted according to APA standards. For help with formatting references in APA format, see the References page of the APA Guide.

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