Research and Design Method

 Criminal Justice 715! RESEARCH AND DESIGN METHODS! One learning objective for this class is to develop critical thinking skills. Almost everything analytical involves reading something, summarizing its key points, and thinking through its implications. This means honing your ability to summarize the main arguments of a text and relate it to our course content. For the extra credit assignment, you will select one of readings listed below and write a short paper that (1) summarizes the main arguments from the text, 2) discusses the method/ mythological issues it covers, and 3) highlights the key concepts/ideas addressed. We will make these memos available to all member of the class for discussion and review. You may select from the following texts: 1) Dutton & Goodman, “Coercion in Intimate Partner Violence: Toward a New Conceptualization.” 2) Ferraro, “The Measurement of Fear of Crime.” 3) Blee, K., “How Field Relationships Shape Theorizing. Sociological Methods & Research.” Specific requirements: Your short papers should be approximately 1,000 words, (approx. 2 single-spaced pages.) This paper is a formal writing assignment. Like all written work, it should be computer-printed in 12-point font, spell- checked and proofread. The short papers will be worth a maximum of 14 points, which will be added directly to your mid-term grade. Your short paper will assess as follows: Short paper grading rubric: Excellent Fair Needs works Key points (8 possible points) All key points of original material are included and succinctly stated. Student has clear understanding of the material. Key concepts are defined (8-10 pints) Key points of material are included but may not be clearly stated. Student has a fairly good understanding of the material. Concepts are defined but are unclear.

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