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For the remainder of the course you are working with specific classmates to design a report that examines how management practices change over time, even in the same organization. For this unit you are responsible for the following:

Team Research Project – Part III: To access the instructions simply click on the link below. This document is also available in a printable and downloadable version in yourCourse Materials folder.

Team Research Project – Part III

In addition to the data and instructions included in the directions document there are two resource documents available; one using the APA style guide and another that provides links which can facilitate your ability to complete this assignment. These documents are available by clicking on the links below or you can navigate to the Course Materials folder to retrieve versions suitable for printing or downloading.


Team Research Project Resources

Using APA


Project Details: 

Design your report for an adult audience using a formal academic writing style. The paper must follow all APA formatting requirements including the requirements for in-text citations and references. Information on Using APA is available in your Course Materials folder.


Team Research Project: Part III Instructions:

For this part of the assignment your group is responsible for obtaining primary data.  Remember that one of your greatest resources for learning is talking to others or assessing the actual communication of someone else.  Communication can take the form of a speech, an article, an interview, or a conversation.  Primary data, however, can take multiple forms. You may find financial reports or newspaper accounts to be of interest.  Use your imagination to identify the types of primary data that would be of interest to your group for this project.  You may, for example, choose to identify someone who has knowledge of the managerial changes within your particular organization or of managerial changes in general.  You can then arrange to either conduct an informational interview or using the internet to locate some other form of primary data. Based on your interview or on your research you are to:


1.    Write a short biography for the professional you interviewed or researched (1-2 Paragraphs).  The biography is to include the person’s name, title, company or organization, role and responsibilities, education, previous positions and fields of work, professional organizations, etc. and/or write a short synopsis of the primary data you obtained (1-2 Paragraphs).  The synopsis should include retrieval information, dates, and a brief justification for its position as primary data.

2.    Indicate why this person or data is significant or important for understanding the organizational changes you are addressing in your research project. (1-2 Paragraphs)

3.    Summarize your findings in three or four (3-4) paragraphs (approximately 400-600 words). 

4.    Write your work in report format; do not just hand in a transcript (Q & A summary) of your interview or research.


Additional Resources:

Additional resources for conducting and producing your research project are available in the document “Team Research Project Resources” located in your Course Materials folder. 


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