Research in Psychology

  1. Choose 1 topic/idea that you would like to study/research in Psychology.
  2. Conduct a literature review or search related to that 1 topic/idea you’ve chosen. Be sure to cite your journal articles or other resources you’ve chosen in the References section of your paper.
  3. Identify 1 theory you have about your topic/idea, and develop the research hypothesis for your idea/study.
  4. Identify all of the ethical standards you will uphold in your research study.
  5. Describe the measures you would potentially utilize to attempt to achieve reliability and validity in your study.

Your paper should contain the following 6 total pages: 1 title page, 1abstract page, 1 references page, and 3 pages for the body of the paper (which should include the 5 points/instructions mentioned above). The entire paper should be written in APA style or formatting.

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