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(There are two parts which need to be completed, each of them in a separate Word file and each of them being around 3 pages. Total of 6 pages APA format is expected).

(All the lecture notes will be provided to you by me)

(Please follow the instruction as directed)

(Great English is a must)

Requirement: The request is to write two essays as presented above. The essay should clearly answer the questions. There is no need for an introduction, it is more the jump straight and answer type of essay. References with in text citations are requested. The following represent the two parts:

Part 1

Jesus and Politics (3 pages)

  • Describe Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 and the problems of interpretation that it raises.
  • Describe Luther’s two kingdoms theory as an interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount, and its political significance.
  • Contrast Luther’s interpretation to the “non-violent non-cooperation” approach in Martin Luther King’s writings. What difference does it make?
  • Were Jesus’ message and actions political? In what way?
  • See Pelikan, ch. 14, ch. 17; lecture notes; and the excerpts from Martin Luther King on the website.

Part 2

Jesus and Other Religions. (3 pages)

  • Compare and contrast Gandhi’s approach to the figure of Jesus to some of the Hindu figures mentioned in Prothero, chap. 8. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Then compare Gandhi’s approach with the figure of Jesus as presented in the book by Thich Nhat Hanh. What are the similiarities and differences?
  • How and why do the Indian and Buddhist approaches add to our understanding of Jesus as a historical figure, and as a figure of religious devotion? Should these perspectives be important to people within the Christian tradition: why or why not, and how?
  • See Gandhi, What Jesus Means to Me; Prothero, ch. 8; lecture notes; Living Buddha, LIving Christ.

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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