Research methods part 3

Please spend this week writing the Discussion and Abstract sections of your paper. Please post these two parts this week AS WELL AS A THIRD DRAFT OF YOUR INTRODUCTION adding  more SPECIFIC EXPLANATORY INFORMATION AS FOLLOWS.

Please  explain in EACH of your paragraphs HOW each line of support works to promote longevity. In this THIRD draft, you can explain specifically HOW each line of support works. For example, HOW do the different parts of the Mediterranean diet EACH work to contribute to longevity? For example, certain foods reduce inflammation which is linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, the number 1 killer for men and women in the US.

For social support, in this THIRD draft, you can explain HOW social support works to increase lifespan. For example, social support serves as a buffer against chronic stress, which is linked to heart disease AND cancer, the #2 killer for both men and women.

1) Your Discussion section of your paper should start with one sentence stating whether the hypothesis was supported or refuted. In our case, it was supported (we will discuss this in CLASS next week). Then you can spend the rest of the Discussion section of the paper explaining according to at least 3 NEW sources, HOW the high impact condition of diet, exercise and social support can be implemented in real life so it works. So, what do studies tell us about HOW to get people to eat well, exercise regularly, and get involved in social activities that are supportive ? One solid well substantiated paragraph is fine here. 

2) Please then write  the Abstract. The Abstract is a one paragraph summary of the content of the entire paper. 



Introduction (your 3 paragraphs)




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