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my topic that I want you to write about is (( Money in the Economy and Monetary Policy))) and read the explanation to know what I want and I upload picture

Research Paper Checklist: 8 week class

A link is available in module 3 to send me your topic summary and proposed outline of your theory/topic for the paper. This is not a graded assignment, but highly recommended. The final paper is due in Module 8. I would highly recommend getting started on your paper prior to the opening of Module 8.

Here is a checklist that you may find helpful.

The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate the application of macroeconomic theory as presented in your textbook to a current topic you have chosen. It is the application of the theory that is important; this is not just a research paper which describes a current situation with some economic features or a history paper about an economic event.

The selected topic must be one that relates to macroeconomics; that is, any of the subjects listed in the course syllabus, for example, and would include supply and demand, GDP, money and banking and international trade (as examples). Microeconomic topics and analysis are not acceptable for a macroeconomics class.

Provide enough information and detail on your chosen topic to serve as the basis for economic analysis. This should be one short introductory paragraph at the beginning of the paper. The topic must be current; references should be less than 6 months old. An analysis of some past event is not acceptable. As an example, consider the market for crude oil – if you chose articles from 2014 you will have a completely different paper (OPEC in control) than today (OPEC is not in control), so please be very careful to make sure your resources are current.

Show how the theory you’ve learned from the course and presented in your text applies to or explains the current situation. The analysis must include a written explanation and a graphical analysis. The graph should be included in the appendix. Do not include any graphs or tables in the body of your paper.

Do not include any quotes from your resources in the body of the paper. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. If you would like to include quotes, they must be placed in the appendix of the paper.

Write a short conclusion. This might include some predictions for the future or your opinion of the topic.

APA style reminder – do not write in first or second person, singular or plural. If it has been awhile since you have had a writing class, do not use the following words: I, we, you, us, your, my……..

In your last paragraph, if you include your personal opinion, it is ok to say: My opinion, I think, etc. as this is your work/opinion and not that of the author of your articles.

The paper should include the following:

ï‚· Title page, including your name, the class (Econ 201), the topic or theory and the date (required).
 Section Headings – strongly encouraged
 Citations – cite all references in the body of the text using the following format (author’s last name, year). All sources must have an author and a date of publication. The date of retrieval from the Internet is not the date of publication. If you source your article from the Internet, the web address must be included as part of the reference.

Sources such as, Wikipedia, Investopedia, (again any source which is not a major news publication with/without an author or date of publication) should not be used as a reference for this assignment. Do not use any articles from The Balance. Go to the original source documents/articles which are highlighted links within the article. Do not use your text as a reference. It is not a current article about your theory or topic. Should non-authored/non-dated articles be used as a reference, the overall grade for the paper will reduced by one letter grade
 Plagiarism – Do not copy text from another author or Web source unless it is quoted; this includes any papers you may have written for another class and submitted through SafeAssign. It will show up as plagiarized.
 Appendices – use for any tables or graphs identified in the body of your paper
 Purdue OWL ( General APA Guidelines (General format of APA research papers, in-text citations, and reference page). This is a wonderful resource – I highly recommend it. If you have questions, please ask.

Research paper submission: use the link in Module 8. I will not grade the paper if submitted through any other assignment link or sent as an email. Save the paper as a word document on your computer and upload as a file attachment in Blackboard. Do not save to the Cloud and then attach to the link in Blackboard. Not sure why, but sometimes Cloud files do not open. If I can’t open the file, I can’t grade it.

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