Research Paper

Purpose of the Paper: This paper is to be a critical analysis of an issue dealing specifically with a current topic in national security.

Selection of a Topic: Each paper will address a topic in national security. For example, the on-going U.S. involvement in Syria or the current politics of U.S-China relations as it relates to the arms race between the two countries. You should try to make your topic as specific as possible.  It is to be a minimum of 5 pages with a minimum of 300 words per page. A Cover Page should be included, with the title of the paper, name of the student, course number, and date of submission clearly stated. Please use the Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, with pages numbered. A Bibliography should be included at the end of each paper. Both the cover page and bibliography do not count toward the word count. Please use the APA style format.  Sources: Students are to use: 1) Sarkesian, S. C., Williams, J. A., & Cimbala, S. J. (2013). US national security: Policymakers, processes, and politics (5th ed.), and 2) and at least two

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