research paper on a visit from goon squad

Topic: Analyse Bennie, Scotty and Dolly from a Marxist perspective: focussing on these characters, consider to what extent the novel serves as a Marxist critique of capitalism in American society. As part of your prep work, look for conflicts and their resolutions. What theme does the novel suggest about capitalism?

You may use a mixture of secondary sources about the novel, but also those about Marxism and related topics such as Neoliberalism that don’t necessarily focus on the novel.

Avoid simply using examples from the novel to illustrate what is happening in the real world or that Egan “accurately” reflects something in the real world. Instead, your argument and, therefore, your TS and ts’s, should make claims about the novel as a Marxist critique. Remember this research paper is still a literary analysis – you’re just drawing on other fields (ie. Marxism) to help you make your argument about the novel as a Marxist critique.

Use the following articles and book reviews only

Book reviews =1. Modernity’s Undoing by Pankaj Mishra(

2. Jennifer Egan’s ‘A visit from the goon squad” reviewd by james Charles.


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