Research three major challenges facing today’s health care organizations. Compare the corporate culture of a company like Google or Intel with more traditional corporate cultures. Do you think corporate cultures like Google or Intel could work in the health care field and help resolve some the challenges health care organizations currently face? Why or why not?

The three major challenges being faced by healthcare organizations today are:

1. Addressing changing regulations – moving from volume based to value-based healthcare

2. Addressing rising costs – pharmaceuticals, modern equipment, better technology

3. Shortage of talent with relevant expertise

The corporate culture at Google and Intel is more open to newer ideas and are agiler in responding to changes. They are on the frontier of their space, hence leading the innovation in their area. The maximum workforce is directly involved in the real business, i.e.- working on the product, with most of the processes automated. These organizations are lean, flat and agile.

Healthcare organizations are dealing with the public, they need to be close to the people first then only they can provide the best services. Also, healthcare space is a very regulated space, so the organizations need to operate under the guidance setup by the regulator. Out of the major challenges listed above, the challenge to address the rising cost and technology innovation, this issue can be eliminated by Google-like organizational approach. Healthcare technologies are very costly and if there is a space for R&D and acquiring technological companies, this can help the healthcare organization in backend integration way. Also, many of the redundant processes can be eliminated by use of IT and Analytics.

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