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I chose the sub-subject of depth perception for infants which is a part of the overall topic of the visual world of newborns and infants. I chose this topic because I find it interesting. I have always noticed and played with my children’s depth perception when they were young, just to see how they react. I found it entertaining and wanted to help them develop hand-eye as soon as possible. I believed that if I could get them to recognize depth perception as soon as possible it would help them in sports later in life as they grew. Turns out it was just me having fun at their expense. No harm came to my children while playing with their depth perception.


3. The website was interesting because it took the visual cliff apparatus test and elaborated on it. The web page discussed how the heart rate of the infant slows down when over the deep end of the apparatus. This does not signify fear but instead, an interest in the deep end and the heart rate is normal in the shallows. The website describes the visuals of an infant as functional at birth and as something that is enhanced with experience. It also talks about how infants visuals include light and the process of light as well as the perception of motion.

4. As stated before the parenting website literally uses the same example from the text, the visual cliff apparatus, as the example and description of an infant’s ability to recognize depth of a floor. The website adds in information about the heartrate of the infant and what it means to the experiment. The website aligns itself with the time frame of the text. It actually states that infants are born with depth perception and that it increases with experience. The textbook specifically says this occurs from 3-7 months.

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