rough drafts amp peer responses for the final paper post your rough draft by friday night 3 14 and reply to two 2 other drafts by tuesday night 3 17

Rough Drafts & Peer Responses for the Final Paper–Post your Rough Draft by Friday night, 3/14, and reply to two (2) other drafts by Tuesday night, 3/17

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Post your Rough Draft here by midnight, Friday 3/14, then, following the peer response instructions below, reply to two (2) other Rough Drafts by Tuesday night, 3/17

Although you are only required to respond to two drafts, feel free to read and comment on other drafts. Reading other people’s drafts will help you develop a perspective on your own draft. Final draft due Friday night, 3/20

Post a response to at least two rough drafts.

Please respond to someone who has not yet received a response, so that everyone will receive feedback.

Posting your rough draft counts for points toward your final draft, as do posting responses to other drafts .


Answer the following questions:

  • What is the thesis? Describe in your own words what you think the thesis is.
  • What information could you add or change to make the thesis more specific or clearer?
  • Note any claims or evidence which seem out of place, or not particularly credible or convincing. Which claims and/or evidence seem especially convincing?
  • When passages or examples are cited, does the writer explain how and why they’re significant? Do the examples continually relate back to the main idea? Mention anywhere you feel theclaims and/or evidence could be explained further, or more clearly linked to the thesis.
  • Is the opposing view clear? Describe the opposing view briefly, in your own words.
  • Point out anything confusing or not quite clear.
  • What do you want to know more about?
  • Include anything else you’d like to point out. You can mention any grammar/punctuation/ MLA mistakes.
  • What do you think is the strongest part of the draft?
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