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For this assignment you will write a solid, polished, immaculate, persuasive one-to-two-page (SINGLE spaced) letter to a specific person.


In thinking about a specific person to send this to, consider whom is in the best position to respond to your call to action. Choosing an individual rather than “to whom it may concern,” for example, ensures that it will end up on the appropriate person’s desk and minimizes the chance that it will be discarded (should you choose to actually send it.)


A persuasive letter is one intended to convince someone to take a particular action or think about an issue differently.


Keep in mind that your reader may not wish to grant your request for any number of reasons—1. the reader may not need or want what you have to offer. 2. the reader may disagree with the importance of your request. 3. There may be other barriers (funding, politics) that must be over come. You will address these and other counter arguments in your letter, therefore you must predict his/her responses to you as you write.

The Letter: The purpose of the persuasive letter is threefold. First, the letter should introduce outline the issue, keeping in mind that the person your letter is addressed to should already know about the topic. You can get around this by using phrases like, “as you know…,” or “as surely you are already aware…” In doing so, you’ll want to explain who you are and why your perspective is an important one. Second, you must anticipate and engage with counterarguments. In this way, you must think like those that disagree with you. This will give you the upper hand, by anticipating and overcoming any possible objections. Finally, explain to your reader an appropriate course of action they can take to address your concerns. This should be as specific as possible, yet empathetic to their position. For example, if you demand that more money should be provided, keep in mind budgetary constraints. Know that another part of the budget should be addressed.

Visual supplementation: Your persuasive letter will also have at least one visual component. What kind of image, graph, chart, photograph (or other media) will help you visually demonstrate an aspect of your argument? Do not simply include a picture and let it speak for itself; you must make use of it in your letter by referring to it and/or using it to help you explain something. You can either embed this in your letter, or include it at the end.

In this assignment, it is important that you provide citations and a work cited page. If you are fashioning an argument from your controversy analysis paper, please do not simply copy and paste sections for your paper, but reword them to meet the needs of this new audience.



The controversy analysis post as attachments 

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