How to Write an SAT Essay

What Is an SAT Essay?

In terms of analyzation, SAT writing is very much similar to the daily college paper. SAT essays are assigned to those who are applicants to SAT examinations, a pass to a top grade means an entrance onto a college degree.

Many people question: what schools require this type of assignment? The colleges that require the SAT essay are institutions like Stanford, Stanford, Yale, and many more. Considering most colleges with high reputations require this entrance exam, it is essential to learn how to write a great SAT essay if you want to enter college.

Before You Start Writing an SAT Essay…

While studying for the entrance exam, consider the question: ‘how long it takes to write an SAT essay?’. Time management is an essential part of the test and something to consider while writing the examination. Usually, writing time is made up of four examination stages:

The SAT examination timeline

There are different variations of these stages, as students work at distinct rates. Some writers are faster with reading than they are creating an outline, while the opposite situation may occur for other applicants.

Whichever way your mind thinks, SAT essay practice is always the right way to go, so you’re able to find the most reliable timing combination that works for you within the set duration of the exam.

It is important to consider that the writing segment takes up a large portion of the 50 minutes. The reading and creating outline segments play a vital role in the completion of the SAT essay.

Things Your SAT Essay Needs

To write a winning SAT essay outline, it is important to know what to include. Any paper regarding this examination should include these elements:

SAT essay outline structure
  1. Introduction:
  1. Thesis:

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  1. Evidence:
  1. Explain:
  1. Conclusion:

SAT Essay Outline

In recent years, a new SAT essay format has been created. Take a look at how applicants tackle this assignment in 2019.


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SAT Essay Tips

For a high SAT essay score, consider these SAT essay tips below to possess an understanding regarding the exam paper.

SAT Essay Examples

Check out these SAT essay examples to get a further grasp of how to write an outstanding paper. Feel free to use them as a reference.

SAT Essay Examplee: Paul Bogard`s ”Let There Be Dark”

Paul Bogard’s “Let There Be Dark” illustrates a large variety of rhetorical writing methods to create a key message. The message being: before the almost infinite list of benefits of the night’s natural darkness is completely lost, people should make more effort to decrease light pollution.

SAT Essay Examplee: Dr. John’s “The Classics”

Dr. John’s “The Classics” argues that the enthusiasm of modern children of English literature in the classroom is at the lowest it could possibly be. He argues that there can be some extreme consequences for the survival of classic texts. The claim, itself, mentions classroom surveys that have taken place in high schools across the country.

Don’t Know How to Start?

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