Scenario: You have been asked to teach a seven unit course about data interchange standards and the exchange of health information. Create a seven unit course outline outline for this class. Your course outline should include a course description (150-250 words), identification if the topic(s) covered each unit, and a brief description (about 100 words) of each topic. Provide a reference page listing references used

course: Data interchange standards and the exchange of health information

course description:-

IT healthcare is the necessity of today time, with the help of normal standards data can be shared in integrated format and can be reused efficiently.this course provides both short overview of data standard and also give the more technical review of specific data utilization in different tools.the overall course paradigm is to learning the data standardization in the health system to achieve higher quality and more cost-effective data utilization.

UNIT(1) overview of data standard

it defines the data elements, terminologies with the help of data interchange the new standard for care is needed in order to quality services we firstly understand data standards and how it contribute to the quality data.

UNIT(2) data collection

collection of data from different type of sources so the data quality, reusability, and security can be maintained for that different data collection tools are there (EDW-Enterprise data warehouses, IDEA- instant data entry application). different analysis are there too( SWOT-strength weakness opportunity threats analysis, PESTLE-analysis)

UNIT(3) metadata of health services

metadata usage in the health sector. different type of warehouses (OLAP-online analytical processing, OLTP-online transaction processing), working of different documentation system like EHR(electronic health record).

UNIT(4) tools and models

understand the basic of HL7 (health level seven) and get to know its usage in today’s health sector with innovation involved with the different version, RIM(reference informational model) and get to know the basic of FOUR PILLARS

UNIT(5) utilization of cybersecurity

the necessity of protecting sensitive data with the help of different cyber tools.developed the strategy to enhance the healthcare section with the exchange of information.

UNIT(6) big data with healthcare

the quantitative and qualitative aspect of data in terms of collection. what is big data? usage of big data in terms of time utilization. different platform to conduct this operation. the future partnership between IT sector and HEALTH sector

UNIT(7) future discipline

what more can be added in this sector? , more effective and 100% quality attain

references page

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