scholarly journal report

General Information:

The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with journals/periodicals in your major and general business. You will need the knowledge for potential research in your undergraduate or graduate courses and the group project.Also, in your career you might want to refer to these readings occasionally to keep up with current trends and research in your area.

Use proper APA style (citation, formatting), Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, 1” margins

Instructions for Journal Information:

  • Go to the UNA website, then click on the Library link, underneath the blank search box, click Advanced Search.From there, scroll down to the section called Limit Your Results, then click “Full Text” and “Scholarly (peer reviewed) Journals” so that it will filter out magazines, newsletters, books, and other resources. Next, go back to the top of the page and fill in as many keyword(s) for your specific business or other major in the boxes.You will get a list of articles. See Summary Instruction #1 below for guidance on choosing an article.If you want to go back and search for something different, you’ll need to go back to advanced search and change your preferences again. Occasionally, you might encounter a journal for which UNA does not pay a subscription fee. In that case, pick another article (or, if you have your heart set on a particular article, you may request an Interlibrary Loan). You need to find a journal that allows you to view full-text articles/PDFs for the article summary part of this assignment.Once you have found an article that interests you, click the journal name in the listing.You will be given some basic information on that journal.
  • Your goal is to find a scholarly journal/periodical in your field that you might be interested in. You will answer the following questions:
  • You probably will NOT be able to find all of the information from the library periodicals page you are currently viewing.You will have to search for that specific journal online to get to their official site.That journal website will definitely have most of the information you are looking for.You may need to use Cabell’s to obtain the information about the percent accepted and a couple of other items.To do that, go to our library site, click Databases, by Alphabetical Listing, choose ‘C’, click on Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities, and then search for your journal there.Once you get to the Cabell’s site, you will be asked to choose between White list journals and Black list journals.You may need to check both lists.The Black list journals have been tagged as predatory and/or non-reputable.I recommend that you never use those.Some smaller and new journals may not be found on either list.If your journal is not listed, find all of the information that you can.If you are missing information, I will check Cabell’s to see if the information is there when grading, so be certain you have really searched.
  • Please use the sample document (pg. 3-6 of this document) for this part of the assignment. You may cut and paste journal information for this assignment, but make sure to correct any formatting errors (font, spacing, etc.).
  • NOTE: Only journal information should go on this page and nothing about your article.Do not confuse the two.If you have questions, please ask before submitting!

Alternatively, you may want to start your search using Google Scholar ( which will allow you to search by topic or keywords. You’ll likely still need the library database to access the full text of articles you find there.

  • What is the general purpose of this journal (give an overview)?
  • What is the frequency of publication (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)?
  • Who publishes the journal (scholarly society, university, etc.)?
  • Who are the primary editors and what is their affiliation/location?
  • How long has the journal been published?Still in publication?
  • What are some of the guidelines for article submission /call for papers (format, length, percent accepted, peer/blind reviews, average turnaround time, etc.)?
  • Subscription information?

Instructions for Article Summary:

  • Once you have found a scholarly journal article in your field, select an article that is about 10-20 pages long. You probably don’t want an article over 20 pages as this would be more difficult to summarize for this assignment.Print or save the article for viewing later if necessary.Remember to obtain all of the citation information you will need (see APA PPT and notes in Canvas).
  • You will provide a full 1-2 page, double-spaced summary of the article.Create your own summary of what you read. This is great practice in a skill that many of us struggle with. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE ARTICLE. If you quote anything from the article, make sure to use proper APA in-text citation.
  • Try not to get bogged down in the statistics and methodology discussed in the article (although, by all means discuss that if you find them interesting!).You can usually get what you need from the introduction, results, and discussion.
  • You will provide a reference for the article on the last page of this document.It will be the only reference and should be in APA Style.You should use signal phrases though (e.g. Sherrill concluded that, Sherrill found that this was significant, etc.) to make the summary read more smoothly. Remember that this assignment should be a summary in your own words. If you must quote, keep it short and limit to one or two very important things that you feel that you could not possibly restate.
  • One file formatted as shown on the next several pages should be submitted on Canvas.
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