scholarly structured abstract

Topic: In elderly patients suspected to have venous thromboembolism, is the application of duplex ultrasonography more effective as compared to using standard imaging.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to write a scholarly structured abstract for the poster you are developing. Typically, you submit an abstract to a conference, and if accepted then you are invited to present and oral or poster presentation. The abstract is to meet the following criteria:

1. Times New Roman – 12 font

2. Limit to no more than 250 words. Please conduct a word search and list the number of words in parentheses behind the title. Example : Suctioning Practices in Well-Infants at Time of Birth (242)

3. Title: Needs to be descriptive of the content

4. Subheadings in abstract need to include: Problem Identified, Clinical Question, Evidence Review and Appraisal, Conduct Research or Change Practice (use whichever one is most appropriate based on your evidence appraisal), Evaluate and Recommendations, and Interprofessional Collaboration.

5. Include at least 3 references. Use APA.

You can see what a structured abstract looks like by clicking here, (Links to an external site.)which is a site by PubMed and provides an overview. External link:

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