Search the Web for “effective project leadership.” Based on your search, briefly describe some of the suggestions you found.

An effective project leader is one who knows himself where to go and ,towards which direction direct the team to accomplish goal.

Good communicator-He must be good communicator who can communicate at all level of management he also act as a team link who pinned up whole team together.

Ethical behaviour -he must follows ethical behaviour if he is in the position of leader he must not misbehave and use harsh words with anyone.

Enthusiasm-leader must have positive attitude in every situation because if he will own negative attitude morale of team will automatically down.

Delegate work-ofcurse leader himself can not perform all work individually so he must trust others to give them responsibility and delegate them work.

Problem solving skill-leader must possess problem solving skills so that team know that if they have any problem leader will solve it.

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