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LAB #2
Instruction for properly completing the assignment:

Download the attached template called “INFO620-LAB 2_LastNameFirst.doc”.

  1. Change the file name applying your Last Name and First Name in place of the LastNameFirst.
  2. Then open the newly saved file and enter your name and the date due on the top of the document.
  3. Then enter each problem’s solution within this same file in their proper locations WITHOUT changing or erasing the questions.
  4. Support your responses and answers by references from the text.
  5. Review and complete all questions.
  6. Then upload to LAB #2 area of the Assignments.
  7. Your grade may be reduced if these instructions are NOT followed closely.

Here are the contents of LAB #2 (however – please use the template attached  – don’t copy and paste from here – more detail in the textbook):

For lab assignments you must use an actual database – Database systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, or Access are all acceptable if they can handle the capability to handle these questions. Do the exercises in the actual database then copy and paste the results or an image of the results here in the respective question part. ER Diagrams and Schemas can be created with MS Visio templates.

I.                Page 241 Lab Exercise #7.31 [1% point]

II.             Page 243 Lab Exercise #7.35 [1% point]

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