Select a historical or modern day leader that you admire or value. Discuss the characteristics and traits that this leader exhibits (or exhibited) that displays their ability to lead through conflict, innovate, and help followers navigate circumstances of change. Incorporate concepts from this week’s material while crafting your response. If the leader exhibited short-comings regarding any of the topic areas, then point those out as well, while depicting what they could have done to perform better in this area.

The leader that I admire the most is Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of

Jeff Bezos – Unconventional leader with determined focus on customer satisfaction while ensuring the leadership principles are imbibed by the employees.

Jeff Bezos exhibits unconventional leadership style as his decisions are aggressive and clearly highlights the purpose while adhering to the leadership principles of Amazon. Below are few differentiators in his leadership style-

Customer obsessed and low cost goods proponent
Venturing into wide range of services through horizontal and vertical integration and venturing into new services.
Jeff Bezos exhibits Produce or Perish leadership style as he is extremely demanding when comes to deliverables and work with sole focus on customer service. The most admirable part of Jeff Bezos’s leadership style is his customer centric philosophy which ensures customers always get the best.

Jeff Bezos should be more concerned for his employees by introducing work-life balance measures to increase retention while not compromising on the quality of work.

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