Seymour Bernstein

 Five page paper on the Musician Seymour Bernstein’s documentary: An Introduction. Examples of what to include. These are really just Prompts to give you ideas for writing. • What instruments were played? • What tunes were played? • What era, or style, of jazz was represented? Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Contemporary, etc. • Was there a lot of improvisation or very little? • Was the music highly arranged or dependent upon improvisation? • How well did the musicians communicate with each other? • Did the musicians communicate with the audience? If so, how well? • What made the performance exciting – or not so exciting • Did you enjoy the performance? Why or why not? • What distinguished this performance from others you’ve attended? You don’t need to address all of these questions in every report, but please point out anything you observed that is interesting. Look for something unique.

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