Sharia (Islamic) Law in the United States

Write a 1300 word paper on the following subject: Select an important contemporary ethical, social, or moral issue that is of interest to you. Choose ONE religion and write a paper that explores different stances on the SAME issue within the religion. No matter what topic, or what religion you choose, your goal is to demonstrate an awareness that a variety of interpretations may surround one issue, even within the same religious tradition. When you choose your topic and religious tradition, begin by finding passages that specifically relate to your topic from the original primary texts–Bible, Koran, Buddhist Sutras, Hindu texts, Hadiths, etc. If you cannot find any passages from a primary source, choose a different subject. Do not rely on one translation. Look at multiple translations of the texts and see if the language varies enough to change the meaning. Also, when you look at translations, consider if the source where you found the translation has a bias. Use reputable sources, like the Valencia library or other academic translations. (Avoid websites that cherry pick passages from religious texts for their own purposes. If you Google: Is __________wrong? you are sure to find websites that will choose passages that say just that it is with no context.) Research and include a section about the historical and cultural context of the society during the time when the text was written. Try to understand why they would include certain passages based upon their needs and experiences. How do modern believers interpret it for today? Find two modern opposing views on this issue and analyze both sides. This is not an argumentative essay where you are trying to prove, or disprove whether any view is right or wrong. Be aware of, and try to avoid, including your own personal biases about the topic. The purpose of this paper is for you to develop empathy for the challenges people face in trying to develop a code of inherent moral values, through religion, in a dynamic and everchanging world. If you find that you cannot be objective enough to write a balanced paper, you may want to choose a different topic. Note: Many topics mentioned in ancient religious texts, as a product of their times, are not up for debate by any contemporary global understanding of morality. As such, they would not be an appropriate topic for this paper. Make sure that you are not assuming that something is a RELIGIOUS belief, when it is actually a CULTURAL practice. This is why you must find primary sources about your specific topic before you begin your paper.  If the paper is under the word count, points will be subtracted proportionally. Paper should be in MLA format with a proper heading and title. Double space paper. You must have a properly formatted Works Cited page. All sources must be parenthetically cited in the text. Include a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. Paper must be about the topic stated in the thesis statement. Do NOT write in the first person. Paper must be centered around primary sources that provide supporting evidence for the argument. Include relevant quotes throughout your paper. Primary sources must demonstrate information literacy. Use appropriate sources. No Wikipedia, blogs, non-academic websites, etc. Take advantage of our library services. Paper must be proofread for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Go to the writing center, or use Smart Thinking. Paper must follow directions for the assignment. Paper should avoid mere summary of information and focus on making an argument. Paper should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. Paper must be well organized. Each paragraph should have a central idea. 

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