sharon Osmond is the vice president of human resource for Silicon electronics, a small electronics company in the silicon valley area outside of san francisco. she has been concerned that their patched together human resource information system uses a software program so outdate that peoplesoft will no longer support it. this morning she met Edward cutter, the ceo of her company, in the parking lot as they were both coming to work. cutter, the told her of conversation he had with a consultant from Hewitt associates, Inc, a human resource management consulting company. The consultant said that when the entire human resource management function was outsourced to Hewitt, they had saved a company similar to his almost $400,000 in human resource management costs last year. The consultant also told cutter that a number of blue-chip companies have joined the HR outsourcing bandwagon incljuding AT&T, motorola, american express, and prudential. Based on that conversation, cutter then asked osgood to do some research and let him know whether it maxe sense to consider outsourcing some or all of the current human resource management functions a silicon electronics to Hewitt or similar firm. Osgood was quite upset after conversation because she knew her own position, as well as positions of her subordinates, might be in jeopardy. however after recovering from her initial shock, she called Mary Gannon, her former professor of human resource management functions at california state university, to solicit her input. Your group has been given this assignment, professor Gannon had asked your group to do research necessary to complete fors 2.1 and 2.2 and then answer the questions below. 1. Complete the forms 2.1 and 2.2 using information from the various human resource web sites listed throughout this book . Identify as many benefits and cost from both the employer and employee perspective as you can as a result of outsourcing the entire human resource function (form 2.1), also consider which human resource functions have the greatest potential to be outsourced based on what other companies are doing and why form 2.2. On the basis of the assessment, which of the three strategies should Osmond recommend to cutter and why? circle either a, b, or c and be prepared to explain your reasons based on forms 2.1 and 2.2 a. do not outsource any of the human resource functions, b. Outsource only the following human resource functions c. Outsource all of the human resource functions.

1. (form 2.1 and form 2.2 is not in question)

The main benefit of the human outsourcing that must be in form 2.1 is to do the exact analysis on the behalf of the employer and employee in the organization. Any organization should pursue outsourcing for the entire human resources to function it in a better way and to design the framework to get the exact match of the profiles based on exact qualifications and optimum experiences. As the outsourcing requires investing a sum of money by the organization to its sub-contracts so it is the responsibility of the outsourcing company to provide the best candidates for the company and also manages all companies’ functionalities to provide the best suitable needs for the growth of the organization.

Form 2.2, the human resource outsourcing has shown the greatest potential as many other organizations also used this process to support the entire human resource functionalities and they are also maintaining the huge sum of profits for building the organizations growth. The organization has excelled due to this potential outsourcing human resource process so form 2.2 basically will replicate the potentialities and value of the human resource outsourcing for an organization.

Three strategies:

1. Outsourcing of human resource will lead to a strategic benefit in the recruitment process which will benefit the organization for which the best expertise suggestions is provided.

2. Engaging with the outsourcing provider will lead to many factors like improving the internal process, guiding from expert consultants, an increase in productivity.

3. Focusing on the high value of staffing and pursuits a better business goal.

For form 2.1 the option is C and for form 2.2 the option is B

Reason for form 2.1: As per the present situation of the company is required taking the help of the human resource outsourcing company to focus on the entire recruitment process both internal flaws and external. These will help the organization to get achieve the best-targeted objectives and will help the organization to sustain the growth by keeping the process at height.

Reason form 2.2: The human resource function should consist of the potential needs in the recruitment process so to support and maintain the organization’s growth for the purpose of generating revenues for the parent organization. The human resource outsourcing will guide the organization with its best expertise professionals to adopt the most desirable methods and to implement the structure of the organization.

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