SHORT ANSWERS: Answer 2 of the following. 8 PTs each 1. Identify and explain 3 of the 6 common e-Policies companies implement to protect their assets. 2. Define Competitive Advantage and provide a current business example. 3. Explain Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and detail the differences between the two. 4. Classify the different operational support systems, managerial support systems, and strategic support systems, and explain how managers can use these systems to make decisions and gain competitive advantages. 5. Describe the relationships and differences between hackers and viruses.

1: Common e-policies are

a:Scanning for vulnerabilities:A routine policy where all systems to be done with scanning process to check any vulenrabilities.

b:Response to incidents:Create a proper heirarchy and priority on incidents based on the risk or threats. Identify the cases and find a fixation solution for it.

c:Account monitoring and control:Kepeing a proper track on user accounts about their data transfer, data accessing etc.

2: Competitive advnatage is alla bout creating uniqueness with in the competitveness which makes the company stands out and attract more customers. One of the example of competitive advantage is Apple products which keeps a competitive advantage through their supreme product quality & features and target segmetation.


Web 1.0
It is a kind of “readable” phrase of the World Wide Web which has only flat data. In Web 1.0, there was only limited interaction between sites and the specific users of web. Web 1.0 concentrates only on informational portal siwhere users can passively access their required information without having any oppurtunity to post reviews or any feedback.

Web 2.0
It is a much upgraded and interactive platformwith “writable” phrase of the World Wide Web . Unlike Web 1.0, Web 2.0 it facilitates so much of interaction between web users and the particular sitesIt encourages active participation, sharing of information and colloborative platform. Examples in Web 2.0 applications are Facebook, Wiki pages etc.

4: Operational support systems are useful for daily operational analysis and understand the flow of transaction and information. It helps in analysisng day to day business activities. Management support systems are more into decision making support system which helps in building strategies and taking more isnghts from the system through analytics . Operational support systems helps managers to have more control over their business operations and take decision based on the activities which has to be streamlined or optimised. At the same time management support system is more analytics driven and have very relevant high level information whicn gives overall business view.

5:Hackers generally use the more stealthy kind of viruses to their advantage wbich helps them to log certain key strokes and to identify the lon in information esepcially from mail or bank accounts etc. Most viruses originate from hackers. Hacker’s most favorite tool is a virus and they use virus for serving their purpose..Virus is a small tool pr program which sole prupose is to impair a system or attacking the security of system to fetch credible information. Hackers are most sophisticated and they use better way of virus attack who create very trustable kind of links or formats which users may find it as a safe one.

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