short management questions

question #1

Managers often dislike or try to avoid dealing with performance management for their employees, especially the problem employees, yet good performance management is one of the most important functions a manager performs, and a well defined and implemented performance management system can make the difference from a profitable organization compared to one that is struggling. Review the 2 videos on Performance Management.


1. Based on what you watched, please discuss 3-4 of the key activities that you believe are necessary for a successful performance management system, and make sure to discuss why you think these key activities are important to incorporate in the performance management process.


question #2

Please review the video on Interviewing Skills – Competency based interviewing, which is based on the CAR Model (Context, Action and Results).

1. Just by reviewing this model, have you experienced any type of interview questions that you could have successfully answered based on the CAR Model – what type of job were you interviewing for, do you remember the actual question, if yes, what was it. 

2. Discuss how you can use this model for yourself as you interview for jobs and internships. 

3. Do you believe that if you use this CAR model as a manager it will help you choose the best qualified candidate for a job, yes or no, Why or Why Not?


question #3

On page 299 of your textbook, CH 13, please read the section “Underemployment Affects Almost One Fifth of U.S. Workers.” 

*please see the attachment for the page*

1. After reading this data, what is your reaction – does it surprise you, worry you, have you actually experienced this yourself or a close friend or member of your family – please describe. 

2. Since we know many young people are underemployed, performing work at a level that does not challenge them or use the skills and knowledge they have acquired in school, so as a future manager, what can you do to keep underemployed people motivated to stay and still do a good job though they may be bored, underpaid, unchallenged and just waiting for a better opportunity to come along.


question #4

On page 310, CH 13 of your textbook, please read the section “The Truth about Why Great Employees Quit.” 

*please see the attachment for the page*

1. Based on that brief article, are you surprised by the information, Why or Why Not? 

2. Assuming you don’t have the authority to offer a great employee more money or the employee isn’t even looking for more money, What can you do as a future manager to keep good to great employees motivated and enthusiastic about continuing to work and perform excellently in the organization?


question #5

In your textbook, on page 314-315, please complete and the Self-Assessment, “Performance Assessment Assumptions.” 

*please see the attachment for the pages*

1. Based on the interpretation guidelines, what did you learn about your approach to performance appraisal?  Are you pleased with your scoring, Why or Why Not?

2. Based on your score, what would you like to improve upon (even if you are pleased with your score) with respect to how you approach performance appraisals in the future as a manager?  OR If you do not want to be a manager, then as an employee, what would you like your manager to do that will make the performance appraisal process a positive experience for you?


please answer everything

I don’t want a 2 line answer.

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