should wiesenthal have forgiven the dying nazi soldier support your answer

In addition to answering the prompt, your essay should include:

  • A brief outline of your arrangement (handwritten or typed)
  • 2 Toulmin diagrams identifying the 1 claim, 2 supports, and 2 warrants of your argument (separate attachment)
  • A counter-argument (incorporated into essay; not a separate attachment)

Manuscript Form

  • Acceptable size 12 font
  • Double spaced
  • 1” margins
  • Cover page
  • Essay begins on top line of 1st page

Five Canons Points Possible

  1. Invention ____________ /10
    1. Creative synthesis. Author recognizes the complexity of prompt.

Paper stands out; does not “contribute to the monotony”

  1. Arrangement ____________/70
    1. Outline: Clear arrangement ____________/10
    2. Toulmin diagram (2) ____________/10
    3. Essay Arrangement ____________/25

Brief, engaging introduction

Clear thesis on topic of prompt; takes a clear, firm stand

Clear topic sentences

Brief conclusion

  1. Essay Strength ____________/25

Convincing and sufficient reasons (3 full pages or more)



At least 3 sources (from Sunflower)

Relevant, specific examples

MLA citations

  1. Style ____________ / 20
  1. Diction

Economical (avoid needless words)

Descriptive (concrete and specific)

  1. Varied syntax
  2. Consistent tone

Subtotal: ____________/100

  1. Delivery ___________

Missing rough draft with corrections (-5)

Spelling (-1 for each error)

Unintentional fragments/run-on sentences (-1 for each)

Does not follow manuscript form (up to -3)

Total: __________ / 100 points

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