Signs and symptoms that point to a mental health diagnosis












Case study: Schizophrenia


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Mental health diagnosis: Schizophrenia

Client’s name: Calista

Signs and symptoms for mental health diagnosis:

· Delusions

· Suicidal thoughts

· Lack of motivation

· Depression phases

Other case details that need to be known for treatment planning:

· Whether the patient was under any form of medication prior to the diagnosis-understanding, the patient’s forms of medication and therapy prior to this diagnosis will provide the medical officer with information on how the client’s body reacted to these medications and if these forms of medication lowered the occurrence of signs and symptoms.

· Whether family and friends are aware of ways of dealing with her schizophrenic episodes- When family and close friends of the client are informed of the mental condition, they will better understand why these episodes occur and will calmy take measures to help her if they occur in future.

The above information will help the medical officer formulate an overall treatment plan that includes the client’s family and friends. Before this diagnosis, any form of medication she was taking might affect future prescriptions.

Treatment interventions and reason:

· Psychiatric evaluation- psychiatric evaluation will help rule out other causes of the client’s signs and symptoms.

· Antipsychotic medications- will help mitigate the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia by controlling the action of dopamine in the brain.

· Psychosocial interventions- these are interventions that involve teaching people with schizophrenia how to live everyday lives as much as possible.

· Electroconvulsive therapy is mainly for people who do not respond to medical therapy and may also have depression.

The above treatment interventions may be used individually or collaborated for better patient health outcomes. They need to be constantly reviewed as the patient progresses through treatment. Reviews may require that new interventions are implemented or that existing interventions be reduced according to the patient’s health outcome.

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