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Week 9 Discussion

Rocky Road. Please respond to the following:

Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

Some of the most serious abuses taking place in developing countries deal with child labor, human slavery, sweatshops, bad governance, and environmental degradation. Select one (1) developing country, and examine the extent to which two (2) of these five (5) issues are occurring. Support your response with specific examples.

Please respond to at least one (1) post from your peers.


Hello Class,

During the course of this week, our discussion will turn to sweatshops and microloans. How are the poor really managing? Please view this short video concerning the experiences of two Bangladeshi women and their perspectives on repaying microloan debt. Do the poor have good credit? Share your comments.

Prof. Royal-Smith

Watch VideoA Tale of Two Women: Disparity in Microloan Repayment

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RE: Week 9 Discussion

Hello professor and classmates!

For children of Kenya child labor is at an all time high. Innocent children are used and abuse each day. Food is so low that children are often forced into the workforce at early ages. Women are also forced into having kids just to be able to bring another source of child labor and work assistance into the household. Malnutrition is an issue for children in Kenya so providing food and health care is a huge concern. Having newborn kids is risky because their are rarely enough food to feed everyone in the house. Bad governance is another concern for Kenya because the government is corrupt and does little to nothing to support the poor, the hungry and the children of these poor families.

After watching the short vodeo of the two women I feel that it is difficult for them to end the cycle of borrowing money and repaying. The poor is managing enough to survive but they must borrow a micro loan and repay it or find work in factories. Either way it is still difficult for the poor unless they invest smartly with what they borrow or bring in from work.The poor does have good credit but only when they repay their micro loans and maintain good credit history with the lendor. The first women borrowed the loan and got her own basket business and was able to repay her loans. The second women struggled to repay each week but got back on track with monthly repayments of her loan.

I will respond to a classmate’s post this week when its available.


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