social work assignment 3

Human Trafficking

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes key learnings from the residency experience. The presentation should include the following: (Please add notes to slides explaining more in detail lasting 2 mins each) *(ONLY DO THE MICRO & MACRO SECTION)*

  • Identification of the social problem with research supporting the background presented. (Human Trafficking)
    • You must demonstrate that this social problem exists by communicating the number of those impacted and the impact on disenfranchised groups.
    • Include considerations of diversity and cultural awareness.
    • It is expected that research and supported data will be presented from appropriate sources (e.g., peer-reviewed studies or government websites).
  • Discussion on how the social problem (Human Trafficking) impacts society on all practice levels (micro, mezzo, and macro). Be sure to integrate evidence-based social work practice, research, and policy.
  • Identification of how social workers can ameliorate or mitigate the social problem using social work skills. (Hint: Think about the generalist intervention model.) In the final presentation, you should include evidence-based practices (EBPs) and specific policy implications for your identified social problems. Make sure to provide citations and sources of support (specific journal articles) that support your choices.
  1. Background
    1. statistics
    2. diversity
    3. cultural awareness
  2. Society Impact
    1. Micro
    2. Mezzo
    3. Macro
  3. Social Worker Skills
    1. explanations
    2. examples

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