The following information is available for The Book Wermz for November, 2004. All numbers are dollar amounts.

Required Use the data provided to prepare a statement of cash flows for The Book Wermz for November using a spreadsheet. Prepare the statement using both the direct and indirect formats. Show cash outflows as negative amounts. Use the appropriate formatting buttons to include commas and dollar signs as needed. Use the Merge Cells and Bold buttons to position and format titles. The captions for the direct format statement should appear in column A and the amounts should appear in column B. The captions for the indirect format should appear in column D and the amounts should appear in column E. Use functions to sum subtotals and totals, such as SUM(B5:B8), so that changes to any of the amounts being totaled will be automatically recalculated. Suppose net income had been 2,600 and the amount of cash received from customers had been $45,156.03. What would operating cash flow have been?

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